Monday, 14 November 2016

Life is change, apparently...

Greetings one and all!

For some time now I have unfortunately left this blog a little bit by the wayside.
This was not due to a lack of activity in the Studio, I have been sculpting quite madly. However experience of the last year has decreed that it is necessary for me to change my methods so here we go!...

One of the biggest issues has been my recent move to Brussels. Now that I am just about seeing how this country works (somewhat miraculously it appears...), I am back on track for a series of great little projects!

In keeping with the feeling of renewal: I have started a new website:

This new site will be dedicated to mainly showcase my works, projects, and to be more efficient in dealing with commission enquiries. I still have to discover and decide exactly how much "other" content I add to this new website, but one thing is for certain there will feature the upcoming video tutorials. For some time I have been planning on video tutorials coupled with a patreon "tip jar". After countless setbacks I now have the opportunity to make this a reality, which explains why I will be exclusively working on that front when it comes to communication supports, Youtube is going to be my new best friend...

So in effect: Yes the blog is now comatosed (not dead, it might still be useful in the future) but this is nothing save a full on renewal of my project planning, communication, and overall motivation!

Thank you all for you continued interest and support in these endeavours! I look forward to providing you with more content, of greater quality and a regular pace!

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Ok lords and ladies! We have a shed of projects that are waiting to be finished, but we have no space to stock them!!

So here is the plan: some finished projects up for grabs, and cut down rates on WIP projects for you!!!

What are we offering? Well the list and pictures are below...

Some come with several base options, some have no base yet so you get to pick exactly what you want! And of course you get to say what you'd like done to the model from its current state!! The prices quoted are for the finished model in the case of a WIP order, so you know that we won't suddenly up the rate!

Prices include shipping within the EU!

Araloth (GW)

- Presentation base
- light freehands
- bright copper and gold NMM
- realistic bird plumage

price: 129€

Nurgle Sorcerer (GW)

- Presentation base
- dirty slimy maggots!

price: 89€

Chaos Champion (Russian Alternative)

- Presentation base
- NMMs
- photo etched leaves

Price: 59€

Dwarf Slayer (GW)

- Presentation base
- NMMs
- pigmented dust effects

price: 69€

Halfing cook (GW, Mordheim)

- gaming base
- high table top paintjob

price: 35€

Right, now for the pieces that are still to be finished and that you can get at cut down rates!:

Orruk war boss (GW)

- Pick your base and style!
- Heavily and realistic etched and scratched armour (want some decorations added to fit into your army: no problem, just tell us!)
- extensive weathering 
- ready to be shipped within 1 week of ordering!!)

price: 159€ 

WHFB Chaos Lord (GW)

 - comes with three base options!!! Square for the player up to 8th edition, round for AoS, and a presentation base for your cabinet (just let us know which one you want it mounted on!!)
- printers inks for certain details
- want a design on the cloak: love to! Just give us a pic' of what you want!

Price: 139€

Savage Ork boss (GW)

- presentation base
- weird and wonderful colours!! (if you don't like the red axe blade we'll change it I promise...)
- dynamic display
- oil paint shadings and hues
- we'll be adding spittle from his mouth as well!

price: 95€

Necron Lord (GW)

- Presentation base including more necron style crystals and orbs
- full NMM
- OSL orbs everywhere!!!
- dry pigment dust effects
- subtle weathering

price: 139€

Loki, dark elf sea lord (GW)

- presentation base (but can be mounted on a gaming base if you want!)
- NMMs all round!
- "magical" effect oil shadings

Price: 109€

And things we have not started but want to!

Kastellan manipule (GW)
- choose your colour and markings!
- all arm weapons magnetized so you can adapt your army lists
- pick any kind of base you want!!

we have not started painting them so no point in posting a picture, but as a reminder here is the box art:

Price: 249€ (obviously for the fully painted trio of models tailored to your secifics'!)

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Tiny People Studio needs YOU!

Well more to the point: we want to help you in a process that will also help us!


Quite simply actually: we have acquired and masterred the tools for creating pro-grade silicon moulds for the purpose of casting resin copies of sculpts!
We are aware that casting is a whole different ball game than sculpting and painting, and not every painter is a sculptor, just as not every sculptor is a caster. Those of you who are already assiduous followers of our endeavours know that we are mad enough to manage to be all three!

So if you have sculpted your masterpiece, and want to share it around, have been told "you so should cast that thing!", or want to make yourself some cash by commercialising your creation: then this campagne will be your next stop!

Now because we are based in France we chose a crowdfunding platform that seems to be one of the favourites in this country, but that does not exclude others! This platform is called Ulule, and functions exactly like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

So what are we offering?

Lower tier participations are gratified with a range of our existing models and products at preferential prices. These tiers range between 5 and 16€.

Starting from a 26€ participation we will start making moulds of your sculpts for you to produce copies of your wonderful creations!
Obviously rising tiers of participations get even better! With our best offer being: your "monster" mould + 2 casts unpainted + 1 cast painted and based by us for you!

It should go without saying that all participations will recieve mounds of thanks for their support in the form of a "Benefactors Roll of Honour" that will appear on this blog and our website. (If you want to support us but don't want your name shown, that is fine just let us know!)

So here is the gear we have invested in!:

Pressure pots, to cast nigh bubble free copies of your prized creation

vaccuum chamber, to create perfect moulds of your artworks
We also have a huge compressor for the pressure pots (but no pics for the moment).

To give you an idea: this is what appears at the end of the process:

from left to right: the original sculpt - the two part mould of the original - a resin cast thereof!

So we have all the gear! We will not need to wait for any equipment deliveries once our campgne is successful! The only thing we will need is to order the required amounts of silicon and resin, and these will be delivered to us within two days of ordering.
This is not a project that promises to deliver simply according to a hope or a plan: we will deliver quickly and professionnally because we know we can and have the tools to do it!

So dig out that sculpt you are proud of, think what you could do with a few copies of it, and the possibility of turning your support for us into an investment for you!

Convinced? Then click HERE!

Not sure? That's fine, you can give us a hand for free by simply sharing this link:

Ygor, and myself thank you in advance for any support you care to send our way!

Thank you!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Back on track!

Greetings one and all!

After several nerve wracking attempts we are happy to announce that our store is once again fully functionnal!

Take a look HERE!!

In other news

We are working through the final stages to bring three new busts to production by the end of March.
Also we will be adding some very special textures of flocking for your bases, and hopefully we will soon be able to provide simple presentation bases and even custom presentation bases!

We are also working towards offering a casting service in resin for small runs. Whether you are a sculptor wanting to see your creations in the hands of several other painters and friends, or a small business just starting out: we intend to provide you with a quality service at an affordable price!

Our video tutorials are slowly moving forward, more on these in the near future!

More excitement coming over the next few weeks!!

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year Resolutions!

It is that time in the cycle of he planet when we mere mortals think that it is an auspicious time for change and improvements in our lives.

In keeping with this idea the Studio has decided to list its' own set of resolutions and YOU will be able to hold us accountable for them! Also we have an exciting piece of news specially detailed HERE!

So without further ado, here they are in no particular order:

1) Paint a wider variety of brands and themes

2) Finish sculpting our main bust range

3) Sort out the d*** shipping modules on our website so that it can actually function for you all!

4) Participate in three major painting competitions (we'll see which ones when we get the chance)

5) Start our Video Tutorial channel!! (I'm really excited about this one!!)

6) Take better care of our blog in general

7) Possibly re-work our website from the ground up (but only if time allows)

8) improve our photography skills and post photo processing

There we go: let us see how well we perform through the coming year!

Don't forget to check out our exciting news HERE (seriously: big plan, you'll love it!)

Happy New Year all!

Madness! Madness I say!!

I have been thinking, a dangerous activity I might add, and have come to the following conclusion: professionnally painted display cabinet / competition level models cost a lot of money that can put off a lot of people and even prevent some people from being able to afford their dream model and paint job.

So, thinking a bit more, I started to formulate a plan - that still needs quite a bit of legal research to guarantee its faisability - which would mean that YOU would have a chance to win a display cabinet model for as little as 2 euros!!!

Basically: a monthly raffle! Each month the Studio will produce a piece painted to a high standard and raffle it away! This could be a character, a vehicle, a standard bearer, or other madness (maybe even a monster!), and from a variety of ranges. For each piece we will offer two bases: a gaming base and a display base, the choice of the base the model will be fixed to will be left to the lucky lucky winner!

We are working on a way to integrate a raffle ticket generator to our webstore and plan on tickets costing 2 euros apiece. We might also develop bundles of tickets at discounted rates.
Obviously the more participants the greater the projects we will be able offer up for raffling, and if we get enough participations we will add extra prizes, of varying natures but all Hobby related!

So if this plan works out: for as little as 2 euros you could be the happy owner of a piece that would cost you more than a hundred euros apiece!! 

I told you thinking was a dangerous thing, it is going to be dangerous for my planning I feel!

So if you want the chance to walk away with quality work for literally dirt cheap prices: stay close and tuned for information on the development of this latest madness from Tiny People Studio!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas ( or Hogmanay... or whatever you want to call it...)

Well it is that time of year AND I've been very lax in my writings over the past few months.
My apologies to all of you faithful followers, things are on the improving road.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes and the fruits of these efforts will start to surface in the coming year. I will be posting regular updates as of the second of january 2016 or at least once I've sobered up...

For I would like to simply wish you all the best of merry festivities for the end of 2015 and my very best wishes of happiness, success, and hobby goodness, for 2016!..

I leave you with a project I painted admittedly for last Christmas, but which for some reason never made it onto the blog:

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all!