Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year Resolutions!

It is that time in the cycle of he planet when we mere mortals think that it is an auspicious time for change and improvements in our lives.

In keeping with this idea the Studio has decided to list its' own set of resolutions and YOU will be able to hold us accountable for them! Also we have an exciting piece of news specially detailed HERE!

So without further ado, here they are in no particular order:

1) Paint a wider variety of brands and themes

2) Finish sculpting our main bust range

3) Sort out the d*** shipping modules on our website so that it can actually function for you all!

4) Participate in three major painting competitions (we'll see which ones when we get the chance)

5) Start our Video Tutorial channel!! (I'm really excited about this one!!)

6) Take better care of our blog in general

7) Possibly re-work our website from the ground up (but only if time allows)

8) improve our photography skills and post photo processing

There we go: let us see how well we perform through the coming year!

Don't forget to check out our exciting news HERE (seriously: big plan, you'll love it!)

Happy New Year all!

Madness! Madness I say!!

I have been thinking, a dangerous activity I might add, and have come to the following conclusion: professionnally painted display cabinet / competition level models cost a lot of money that can put off a lot of people and even prevent some people from being able to afford their dream model and paint job.

So, thinking a bit more, I started to formulate a plan - that still needs quite a bit of legal research to guarantee its faisability - which would mean that YOU would have a chance to win a display cabinet model for as little as 2 euros!!!

Basically: a monthly raffle! Each month the Studio will produce a piece painted to a high standard and raffle it away! This could be a character, a vehicle, a standard bearer, or other madness (maybe even a monster!), and from a variety of ranges. For each piece we will offer two bases: a gaming base and a display base, the choice of the base the model will be fixed to will be left to the lucky lucky winner!

We are working on a way to integrate a raffle ticket generator to our webstore and plan on tickets costing 2 euros apiece. We might also develop bundles of tickets at discounted rates.
Obviously the more participants the greater the projects we will be able offer up for raffling, and if we get enough participations we will add extra prizes, of varying natures but all Hobby related!

So if this plan works out: for as little as 2 euros you could be the happy owner of a piece that would cost you more than a hundred euros apiece!! 

I told you thinking was a dangerous thing, it is going to be dangerous for my planning I feel!

So if you want the chance to walk away with quality work for literally dirt cheap prices: stay close and tuned for information on the development of this latest madness from Tiny People Studio!