Thursday, 26 May 2016


Ok lords and ladies! We have a shed of projects that are waiting to be finished, but we have no space to stock them!!

So here is the plan: some finished projects up for grabs, and cut down rates on WIP projects for you!!!

What are we offering? Well the list and pictures are below...

Some come with several base options, some have no base yet so you get to pick exactly what you want! And of course you get to say what you'd like done to the model from its current state!! The prices quoted are for the finished model in the case of a WIP order, so you know that we won't suddenly up the rate!

Prices include shipping within the EU!

Araloth (GW)

- Presentation base
- light freehands
- bright copper and gold NMM
- realistic bird plumage

price: 129€

Nurgle Sorcerer (GW)

- Presentation base
- dirty slimy maggots!

price: 89€

Chaos Champion (Russian Alternative)

- Presentation base
- NMMs
- photo etched leaves

Price: 59€

Dwarf Slayer (GW)

- Presentation base
- NMMs
- pigmented dust effects

price: 69€

Halfing cook (GW, Mordheim)

- gaming base
- high table top paintjob

price: 35€

Right, now for the pieces that are still to be finished and that you can get at cut down rates!:

Orruk war boss (GW)

- Pick your base and style!
- Heavily and realistic etched and scratched armour (want some decorations added to fit into your army: no problem, just tell us!)
- extensive weathering 
- ready to be shipped within 1 week of ordering!!)

price: 159€ 

WHFB Chaos Lord (GW)

 - comes with three base options!!! Square for the player up to 8th edition, round for AoS, and a presentation base for your cabinet (just let us know which one you want it mounted on!!)
- printers inks for certain details
- want a design on the cloak: love to! Just give us a pic' of what you want!

Price: 139€

Savage Ork boss (GW)

- presentation base
- weird and wonderful colours!! (if you don't like the red axe blade we'll change it I promise...)
- dynamic display
- oil paint shadings and hues
- we'll be adding spittle from his mouth as well!

price: 95€

Necron Lord (GW)

- Presentation base including more necron style crystals and orbs
- full NMM
- OSL orbs everywhere!!!
- dry pigment dust effects
- subtle weathering

price: 139€

Loki, dark elf sea lord (GW)

- presentation base (but can be mounted on a gaming base if you want!)
- NMMs all round!
- "magical" effect oil shadings

Price: 109€

And things we have not started but want to!

Kastellan manipule (GW)
- choose your colour and markings!
- all arm weapons magnetized so you can adapt your army lists
- pick any kind of base you want!!

we have not started painting them so no point in posting a picture, but as a reminder here is the box art:

Price: 249€ (obviously for the fully painted trio of models tailored to your secifics'!)