Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas ( or Hogmanay... or whatever you want to call it...)

Well it is that time of year AND I've been very lax in my writings over the past few months.
My apologies to all of you faithful followers, things are on the improving road.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes and the fruits of these efforts will start to surface in the coming year. I will be posting regular updates as of the second of january 2016 or at least once I've sobered up...

For I would like to simply wish you all the best of merry festivities for the end of 2015 and my very best wishes of happiness, success, and hobby goodness, for 2016!..

I leave you with a project I painted admittedly for last Christmas, but which for some reason never made it onto the blog:

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Open for business!

After nearly five years of dreaming, and two years of planning and work: 
Tiny People Studio is now an official business!

Our sincere thanks to those who have followed us diligently from the start and also to all who jumped on for the ride!

You can now find our products and services on our brand new website:

Many more projects will increase the ranges available and we look forward to providing the Hobby community with a little more variety and useful thingamijigs!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Our relationships with social media; also what does “pro” mean nowadays?

For the last few months I’ve been thinking quite a bit about two terms we hear and read a lot in this our small Hobby world. They are linked in a sense, the first is the term “pro’-painter”, and the second is that of “advertising”. The reasons these have been of particular interest to me are due in no small part to the fact that I am on the brink of opening a business proper within this world.

I will start with the notion of advertising, because the reflections on the term “pro-painter” are in fact a set of arguments and points to be made in the course of dealing with “advertising”.

First of all what is advertising?
According to the “Economic Times” website: “Advertising is a means of communication with the users of a product or service. Advertisements are messages paid for by those who send them and are intended to inform or influence people who receive them, as defined by the Advertising Association of the UK”. Doubtless this definition is broadly applicable to countries outside of the UK also.
Let us commit to memory the fact that advertising is PAID for.

The reason we need to define what advertising actually is must be directly related to the wide web’s biggest social media and those people running two types of pages: community pages designed to promote one or several brands or aspects of the Hobby on the one hand, and those running “professional” pages offering either Hobby related services, products, or simply as an extra gallery with their name on it for all to see. Between these two groups of users there seems to be a severe cleavage: how many Hobby promotion groups stipulate in their group rules “no advertising” (or words to that effect)? More than I care to count. All claim that there are numerous groups dedicated to selling or trading, and “professionals” are asked to peddle their wares elsewhere. Fine. I haven’t seen any “professional” write a post with words to the effect of: “hey let me take your money to paint your little dudes!” in a long time, but I can understand that people who just want to talk Hobby don’t want every post to be potentially sniped and spammed by anyone who thinks they can make an easy buck, and so groups dedicated to Hobby community should regulate accordingly.
Next comes “hot linking” where most community pages won’t let a “pro’” post a link to his blog, or website, or even his Facebook page. Now I can understand the ban on website links because these could be simply full of buyable products and would turn the post they were linked in into an indirect spam. I can only marginally understand the ban on blogs; admittedly blogs can be used solely to peddle services. However there is one service that most “pro” blogs carry for free: tutorials! What do the majority of hobbyists want?: tips and tricks and ideas and sources of inspiration, and those are abundantly provided by most hobby related blogs. There also seems to be a bias: certain blogs and forums are left free to post in groups where the administrators come down upon any ‘”non approved” blogger with the infamous banhammer all too liberally. I’m not going to name names, which would be petty and completely pointless. The question remains though: why should a select portion of blogs be allowed regardless of affirmed rules, and others that offer more or less the same type of content are summarily banned? Think on that if you will…
Finally I cannot fathom the reason for banning hot linking to another Facebook page. Any page whatever it promotes is just another part of exactly the same platform as that used by any of these sanctimonious groups, so if the linked page in question is relevant to the subject(s) of the group it is posted to then why the hell ban it? I’m not going to even attempt to read all of Facebooks terms and conditions but I’m pretty sure that enforcing rules that contravene the freedom of use of the platform as a whole must constitute some form of breach of user terms on the part of certain groups...

Is all this hassle generated solely by a few administrators who need to feel an ersatz form of power by banning budding artists? I think not entirely. We have all come across “pro-painter” pages where we have seen models that we know for a fact that a colour blind clumsy ape would have done a better job in his sleep. The mere fact that such individuals term themselves “pro” is both insulting and detrimental to those who might be able to hypothetically claim such a title. It seems that nowadays as soon as a person paints a model for someone else he or she suddenly miraculously becomes a “pro”. So what is a professional (without the inverted commas, the real deal, full package, no joke kind)?

A profession is practised by a person or group of persons with a view to provide services or goods for such a profit as enables the members of said profession to at least live of their labours and remains reasonable to the customer. Moreover each profession will have a governing body tasked with regulating the practices it allows, the prices it permits its members to quote, and the proficiency required to be admitted a member of the profession.

The previous paragraph is my own paraphrasing of late medieval statutes of cities regarding trade guilds in general. This generic definition can be found in nearly all the major cities of medieval western Europe and are still the backbone of every Chamber of Commerce, every Trade Guild, other professions ( termed “liberal” professions such as law or medical related professions) quickly adopted a similar system and adapted it to the particular aspects of their trades. How is this relevant? There is no “guild of mini painters”, no “order of midnight sculptors” or any form of governing body able to regulate the individual painter. So the painter has to regulate himself along a similar line of conduct without a governing body supervising him! He or she (I hate political correctness…) has to adopt an attitude and business sense that encompasses without being limited to: fair pricing, reliable information on products/services, open communication with all clients, and – here is the hardest – a humility brought on by the fact that he or she must realise that everything is not within their scope and they must tell a potential client that they are not capable to provide what the client is asking for if this be the case. If you find someone who has that kind of attitude then you are probably on to someone who you can safely do business with. Finally when it comes to “requirements”, again there is no group who says that you are entitled to call yourself a professional, however there is peer recognition. Look at who your hypothetical professional works with and for, what sort of projects he deals in, and most importantly find out what his customers say of him: does he stick to deadlines, does he keep his clients updated on progress, is he friendly in his communication (I know that can be misleading but do you want to give your money to someone who mouths off at you or others in a supposedly professional context?...), will he take time to really understand what you want, and probably the most important: is he capable of telling you that your money would be better spent elsewhere if he can’t provide what you are desiring? If that last question gets a negative answer then run: that kind of person is not a professional in any way and will sooner or later provide poor work – or none - and disappear with your hard earned money!

So we can sum up: a professional painter/sculptor:

- will have a good, even if small, reputation and will work to increase and improve it
- will take pride in showing his best pieces without hesitating to show his less inspiring works
- will take time to understand his customers wishes
- will offer a fair pricing if he is capable of providing the customers desire, and will politely decline the commission if he knows himself incapable (if he can he will possibly suggest a peer who might be better able to help his now non customer)
- will stick to his quote even if he underestimated the work involved because he knows that the customer cannot be blamed for his own, and supposedly professional, mistakes
- will keep his clients regularly updated on the progress of their orders
- will keep to deadlines as much as possible
- practices his chosen trade as his single or primary activity

Everyone has an opinion equal to those of others, but I reckon that any one claiming to be a proper professional should meet the above points in full. Most of them are based on attitude rather than actual “talent”, you can’t regulate something that is based upon the personal tastes of individuals, but you can gauge people by their attitude towards their job so I think that there lays the only viable “guide to being a professional painter”.

I can’t see the above being particularly draconian nor being unrealistic. I’d be curious to hear what customers truly expect of a commission painter, I have only my own clients to go by and they all seem happy for the moment.

With that in mind back to advertising: how can it be community beneficial to ban decent professionals from posting under their proper business name? I don’t have the answer; it must come from the community at large. I will say that groups that will go so far as banning watermarked photos are basically shooting themselves in the foot! Intellectual Property needs to be protected and everyone has a right to have his work recognised under his name or chosen alias; and a business name is nothing more than an alias with a legal and fiscal right to existence! Also: a photo gallery, from a pro page that is simply a gallery of photos with nothing leading to think that the piece was a commission, is not advertising as it offers no information on products (see definition offered at beginning of article), they are not advertising: they are just happy to show the world what they have recently sweated over JUST LIKE ANY OTHER HOBBYIST! Equally: so far all the other professionals I have discussed this matter with have been unanimous in saying that they get their business from recommendations of happy customers, and hardly at all if any through Facebook, whether posting with their “pro” age or personal one.

This is getting too long and you have been very patient, so here it is in a nutshell:

Group administrators, while you have the arduous task of keeping your groups user friendly, remember that a lot of what your users want (tutorials etc…) are provided by professional painters and sculptors who, without necessarily advertising (they don’t pay to join your group or post in it do they?!) have every right to have their name OR ALIAS associated with the content provided, as well as right to protect their Intellectual Property linked to the content they provide. You are of course totally free to ban any form of professional content, should you do this I would urge you to practice this impartially (no News blog links, admins posting brand pages etc..) lest you be simply seen as some kind of internautical tyrant in your own little kingdom, and always bearing in mind that users will go to where the content they want is: if you won’t provide it someone else will and you and your group(s) will ultimately become obsolete as your ex-members flock to more colourful and pretty and open groups.

“Pro’ painters”: adopt a respectable professional attitude or do us all a favour and drop the “pro” prefix: if you call yourself a pro but can’t promote a proper attitude then people will quickly shun you (and rightfully), but they will then transpose a stigma to the word “pro-painter” and that tars those who are respectable with the same despicable brush as the one that basecoats you in ignominy.

I hasten to add that I have had no rude or abusive messages from admins. I merely offer what appears to have been a massive rant as food for thought in the hope that it might generate more discerning administrators, better informed customers, and encourage a proper professional attitude in those who hope and aspire to make even a small living in this our world of tiny people.



Thursday, 14 May 2015

Operation 2

Hello folks!

" Da Klinik!!" returns for its second installment on the 5th and 6th of June 2015!
This time we will be dealing with complex and intricate basing as well as scenery creation!
Don't miss out!


Bonjour les gens!

"Da Klinik!!" revient pour sa seconde opération les 5 et 6 juin 2015!
Ce coup ci nous nous pencherons sur le soclage délicat et complexe ainsi que sur la réalisation de décors!
Venez nombreux!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Project log

Right!: I have too many projects on the go. As do you all no doubt.
So I've decided to list them all here, and progressively cross them out and link the galleries of the finished pieces. This is a desperate attempt to get on top of the plasticrack habit!!

as the entries get progressively barred they will become links to the finished piece or article :)

Painting projects:

Demo Ogres
DE Heamonculus
Cadwallon Grave digger
DE corsair captain
DE Executioner
40K Chaos cultist
Teddy Fear
Brother Deino
Wild rider
Road closed
Savage Orc boss
Brother of Light
Grimm Burlocksson
Dwarf miner duo
Bragg the Gutsman
Orc bust
Pacification diorama
Ork warboss and suite

Conversion projects:

Asian ogre
Mad Max Ogryn
40k Chaos champion quartet

Sculpture projects:

Mage troll
Femina Mechanica
Cpl. Bob
Rat Bust
Troll bust
Apocalyptica Futura

Articles to be written:

Rainbow dust
Greenskin skin
Sculpting a mohawk
Freehand 101
planning a simple conversion
PA airbrush review
Scale 75 paints review
Andrea skin box set review

Sunday, 3 May 2015

" Da Klinik! " 1st operation!

Saturday was a blast !

The Studio played host and doctor to the first instalment of « Da Klinik ! », a new concept of painting and modelling workshops based not around a unique project but around the various participants hopes and dreams.

How does that work I hear you ask? Well it is simple: each instalment has a theme that is dealt with via practical and theoretical demonstrations pertaining to the theme throughout the day. HOWEVER you are free to bring any project you want help with and Da Dok’ will guide you along the path of hobby improvement! The aim is to help all those who want to improve their skills, discover new techniques, products and tricks.  Also: the one day events are TOTALLY FREE!

This editions’ theme was “Skin”, and participants did indeed enjoy discovering all the little tricks to rendering this very particular texture for better realism. That didn’t stop one participant bringing along a massive Nemesis conversion that he needed help with!

The next edition of “Da Klinik!” will be held Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of June and the theme will be “Terrain and scenery”. As it is a two day event and a sizeable quantity of materials will be provided: a small contribution will be required of the participants. But let’s be honest if I can show you how to make a piece, that would cost you 80€ normally, for less than 20€ participation then you’ll definitely be coming out on top as well as having spent a good time with fellow hobbyists!

Future themes will include metals, odd textures such as fur and leather, free handing and banner creations, Object source lighting, dedicated airbrush initiation sessions and much much more!

Don't forget: the next edition will take place on the 5th and 6th of June 2015!!

Our thanks go to Prince August for their material support and to Vent Divin for having provided the workroom and a warm welcome! We look forward to welcoming you all to the future editions of: 

ready for the participants! / prêt pour les stagiaires!

Excuse me while I butt in here... / Pardonnez moi mais je vais squattez là...

Nope: this side is better in fact... / Non en fait ce coté est mieux...

some people are discovering the joys of the wet palette! / certains découvrent les joies de la palette humide!

Because I do work a bit: demonstrating skin work using the airbrush (an A112 from Prince August) / parce que je travaille un peu: une démonstration de la peinture de la peau à l'aide de l'aérographe ( un A112 de chez Prince August)

you really can work small with these tools and a bit of practice / vous pouvez vraiment travailler petit avec ces outils et un peu de pratique

the Hobbyist is a sociable creature and does not fear interactions with people who have had their curiosity piqued! / le Hobbyiste est une créature sociable qui ne craint pas les interactions avec des gens intrigués!

Samedi était génial!

Le Studio a animé la première édition de “Da Klinik!”, un nouveau concept d’atelier Hobby centré non pas autour d’un projet unique mais visant les rêves et les espoirs de chaque participant!

Mais comment ça marche ça?? Simple en fait : chaque édition a une thématique qui est abordé par le biais de démonstrations pratiques et théoriques tout au loin de la journée. MAIS cela ne vous empêche absolument pas d’amener un projet n’ayant aucun lien avec la thématique du jour, le le Dok se fera un plaisir de vous aider! Le but est d’aider tous ceux et celles qui veulent découvrir de nouvelles techniques, de nouveaux produits, et de nouvelles astuces! Et SURTOUT : les évènements d’une journée sont et seront totalement GRATUIT!

Ce coup-ci la thématique était la Peau, mais cela n’a pas empêché un participant de ramener une conversion de Némésis afin de recevoir des conseils et une démo’ de sculpture!

La prochaine édition de « Da Klinik ! » se tiendra le vendredi 5 et samedi 6 juin. La thématique sera « Terrain et décors ». Comme il s’agit d’un évènement sur deux jours et que pas mal de produits seront mis à la disposition des stagiaires nous devront demander une petite participation. Mais soyons clair : si on vous montre comment réaliser un décor qui vous aurait couté 80 € pour une participation de moins de 20 € vous êtes largement gagnant! Et en plus vous aurez la joie de vous améliorer dans votre Hobby entouré d’autres passionnés!

Les thématiques à venir incluront les métaux, les textures particulières comme le cuir et la fourrure, les « free hand » ainsi que la création de bannière, les sources de lumières, des séances dédiées aux initiations à l’aérographe, et plein plein d’autres sujets!

N'oubliez pas!: la prochaine édition se déroulera les 5 et 6 juin 2015!!

Nous remercions bien sur Prince August pour leur soutient et Vent Divin pour leur accueil chaleureux! Nous vous attendons de pied ferme pour les prochaines éditions de:

Spring kleanin' time runts!

Roight youse lot! I'ze not caring dat we be kinda green and dirty: dis place is a damn mess and da boss iz not liking dis one bit! So da runts youse get dose brissly tings to push der dust around and get pushin'! And youse not so runty but still runty: get da zoggin' flimsy clothy stuff and get scrubbin'!!

Yes youse horrible lot!: dis noo season is gonna be full of da bestest lootin' and da biggest adventures, and da boss 'e wants to start off in a kleeeen buggy!

And youse hummies and oder assorted bunch of species what follow da boyz of da Tiny People Klan: dis is gonna be dat bestest year yet! So youse be preparing yourzelves for da awesomness we's be packing for you!

(for those who do not read greenskin lingo: all that little bit of fun to present the latest finished piece and to say that the new spring brings tidings of extremely interesting development for us here in the Studio and for you our faithful followers.)

Monday, 20 April 2015

Upcoming workshops

Hello people!!

I have been quite busy over the past few months preparing several things, the most interesting for you I feel will be...:

Tiny People Studios' Workshop calendar!

Thanks to our partner store "Vent Divin" and our product partner "Prince August" we are happy to be able to offer free and/or heavily sponsored workshops every month until at least december 2015!!

Each session will have a theme, and every other month the course will be a two day workshop with a small competition at the end.

The one day events are TOTALLY FREE! And the two day events will only require a token participation fee to cover the prizes and models provided by "Vent Divin"!

Our calendar will include classic themes such as NMM&TMP, OSL, textures etc... as well as a few subjects that aren't so often dealt with in depth such as scultpure for conversion purposes, banners, freehands and complex design painting and and and sooooooooo much more!

So: "like" our facebook page here to stay in the loop for the upcoming workshops!

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

A bit of mood music first!

Hello folks! Today I want to chat to you about a brilliant little set of products I stumbled across recently: Precision Ice and Snow from an outfit called Krycell.

I really don’t know where to start with this stuff because basically it is just brilliant from beginning to end! That, however true, is not going to be enough for the enlightened modellers that you are. So let’s try and break this down and look at the various aspects of these little bits of awesomeness. I ordered two different snows, a “Snow wash” and one Ice sheet. As yet I have not tried the ice sheet as the project it is destined for is not ready to receive it. But let’s take a look at the snow!:

What do you get?

Now going out on a limb I prepared to break my piggy bank; and then discovered this would not be necessary! When placing my order I saw that overseas orders were granted a free reload pouch of snow! So here is what I got for a total of £42 (not counting postage): 

The "Snow" package

The "Ice sheet" package
Inside the box: micron sieve, two bottles of "snow", a reload bag of "snow", and little instructions sheet

The "Ice sheet" unpacked

And finally the "Snow wash", also complete with instructions

As you can see the packaging itself is extremely aesthetically pleasing and adds that little something that a simple cardboard box just wouldn’t do. I know: do we care about the box? Ultimately no, but it should be credited to the product creators that they did not ignore this aspect and delivered something a little above standard from the outset. 

Also you can see that they don’t mess around with safety: that Ice sheet could have been thrown out of a plane and it would still have arrived in one piece!

Now how to use the stuff? 
Well the guys at Krycell don’t do half measures: all the tutorials are accessible directly from their site, as well as downloadable “quick start” step by step instructions. These instructions are also included in the package of goodies: so if you still haven't grasped how to use the stuff it might mean you need to learn how to read…

I chose to add snow to a model that had already been based – my rendition of Nork Dedogg – so blasting hair spray evrywhere was not an option… But oh joy! This stuff can be applied on any type of varnish, and what precision instrument do modellers often possess that can deal with varnish?: an airbrush! So I loaded up some matt varnish into my Prince August airbrush and blasted the base. You do need it to be a thick coating, as the little instructions explain very clearly. Then using that beautiful micron sieve I sprinkled the snow everywhere. Now I got really scared because this stuff does get EVERYWHERE when you sprinkle it. A bit nervous I waited about fifteen minutes to be absolutely certain my varnish had dried, and then came the moment of truth: brushing and blowing off the excess snow. This was literally a breeze: it might get everywhere but it sticks to NOTHING except the varnish and comes away very easily from anywhere untouched by said varnish. Now I wanted a light sprinkling of snow so I only used one layer of snow, but you can continue applying layers of varnish followed by snow until the build-up is to your satisfaction. Also note how it gracefully sits on the barbed wire.

As you can see: snow everywhere to perfection!

Next came the “Ice wash”. This stuff intrigued me because basically it appears to be a portion of the “snow” product mixed into a form of very liquid medium. When it comes out of the bottle it looks like grainy milk. I’m not sure if it can or will damage brushes in the long term, so to be on the safe side I fished out some of my crappy brushes to avoid potentially ruining good sable ones. 
Now this stuff really does need a serious shake before being used and you really have to shake nearly in between dipping your brush in it. This sounds annoying doesn’t it? Wait till you see what it does for you though! I applied very sparing amounts around chosen areas of Nork because I didn’t want to overload him with effects and mask the paintjob entirely. This stuff is really easy to use! It behaves a lot like a wash, quite close in fact to Prince Augusts’ (Vallejo) “Smoke Ink” in its behaviour. You can even thin it out using water or medium if you want; though at present I don’t see that as being of any use. It does sometimes run all over the place but this is no different from many other very liquid products used by modellers, so it is simply a question of learning to use a new product.
Discreet touches of the "Snow wash" are clearly visible around the various crevices of the armour design. It even mixed nicely with the rustwork I had performed previously!

Right, now that I have waxed lyrical about all the good aspects: what isn’t so good?

Well to be honest the products, their packaging (both collective and individual) are very high quality; their uses are multiple and the methods of application are very simple and accessible even to the most beginner of modellers.

There are however three things I would like to see: the first would be a thinner yet removable nozzle on the bottles of snow to reduce potential product loss while loading up the sieve and still allow for an easy replacement of salvaged product.

Which brings me to my second point: that sieve is brilliant but clearly aimed towards sprinkling larger surfaces of scenery or vehicles rather than for individual model bases. This causes quite a lot of product loss (easily averted by placing your work on a sheet of clean paper to catch any loss), but mainly you get the feeling of a lack of precision, whereas you want to feel in control when dealing with the final key stages of your latest prized work. So really what I would have liked, or would like to see in the future, is the possibility of ordering a smaller diameter sieve – maybe even half the current diameter - just for that extra feel of precision and reducing the potential loss of product.

Finally I would really have liked to find one or two agitator balls in the “Snow wash”, that stuff needs regular shaking and a couple of agitator balls would really guarantee a good mixing and distribution of the particles within the medium. You can of course, as I did, add a couple of agitator balls if you have any, but I still feel that it would be good to find the bottle 110% ready to go.
None of these criticisms mean the products are unfriendly, quite the opposite in fact, but the guys at Krycell are obviously geared towards improvement so that was my two cents worth of ideas.

All that remains for me is to try out the “Ice sheet” and then order a few more of those sheets to see the differences they offer the scale modeller.
For extra information and a look at Krycells other products click here
For Prince August products then you need to head this way

Happy modelling 
and don’t forget to spread the love people!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

It's time to Nork Dedogg!

"Nork Dedogg / walk the dog"... No? Ok it was a really bad pun..
My humour being beside the point I am happy to present one of my latest pieces in the form of the Imperial Guard (Astra Miliwhatthehell???) ogryn bodyguard Nork Dedogg. 
On a side note I would like to say that the kit he comes in is really interesting for a painter as you can in effect build one standard ogryn, one of these new fangled Bullgryns (that look really cool by the way), and the special ogryn character Nork. 

I'm becoming increasingly a fan of GW plastic kits...

This guy needed a few additions:
- obviously medals for such an illustrious bodyguard, these were simply and quickly modelled out of Greenstuff.
- I reckoned he'd personalise his gear so I added the gothic "N" on the back of his armour, this I did using Greenstuff and Milliput yellow/grey.
- finally I liked the idea of a grateful commissar gifting Nork his hat, so he now has a slightly undersized commissar cap. The main body of the hat was modelled out of Milliput Superwhite and the little details were modelled out of Greeenstuff.

This project was also the opportunity to test a new snow product: Krycell Precision Snow and Snow Wash (for which I will be writing a review because it is well amazing!) I was a bit heavy handed with it here, but I will improve my control of this new stuff :)

Keep on happy painting and spread the love people!

Feb' sales!

Greetings all!

The Studio has a few items that are searching for new homes!
Without further ado here they are:

Nurgle Chaos Demon Prince

 A lightly converted version of Citadels Finecast Demon Prince for the Chaos Space Marines faction.
The work on this piece includes acrylic airbrush and brushwork, oil washes, and pastel tonings.
The piece is mounted on a custom display base ready to pose gloriously in your display cabinet!

Price: 185€
shipping: FREE for the EU (please add 10€ for a non EU adress)
payment methods: Paypal only (the paypal account will be communicated via e-mail to the buyer)

WHFB Necromancer

This Necromancer sports a variety of subtly different browns to give him a murky yet clear finish.
The work on this piece includes acrylic brushwork, oil washes, and pastel tonings.
The piece is mounted on a simple custom display base ready to pose in your display cabinet!

Price: 45€
shipping: FREE for the EU (please add 10€ for a non EU adress)
payment methods: Paypal only (the paypal account will be communicated via e-mail to the buyer)

Don't Forget!!

"Pvt. Ryan" casts are still available!!

Single piece resin cast of "Pvt. Ryan", our little zombie soldier bust!

Price: 12€  NOW 10€ (until 31st March 2015)
shipping: FREE within the EU (+5€ for non EU adresses)
(model requires some preparation and priming before painting)contact:

Happy Hobby all!