Sunday, 3 May 2015

Spring kleanin' time runts!

Roight youse lot! I'ze not caring dat we be kinda green and dirty: dis place is a damn mess and da boss iz not liking dis one bit! So da runts youse get dose brissly tings to push der dust around and get pushin'! And youse not so runty but still runty: get da zoggin' flimsy clothy stuff and get scrubbin'!!

Yes youse horrible lot!: dis noo season is gonna be full of da bestest lootin' and da biggest adventures, and da boss 'e wants to start off in a kleeeen buggy!

And youse hummies and oder assorted bunch of species what follow da boyz of da Tiny People Klan: dis is gonna be dat bestest year yet! So youse be preparing yourzelves for da awesomness we's be packing for you!

(for those who do not read greenskin lingo: all that little bit of fun to present the latest finished piece and to say that the new spring brings tidings of extremely interesting development for us here in the Studio and for you our faithful followers.)