Saturday, 9 May 2015

Project log

Right!: I have too many projects on the go. As do you all no doubt.
So I've decided to list them all here, and progressively cross them out and link the galleries of the finished pieces. This is a desperate attempt to get on top of the plasticrack habit!!

as the entries get progressively barred they will become links to the finished piece or article :)

Painting projects:

Demo Ogres
DE Heamonculus
Cadwallon Grave digger
DE corsair captain
DE Executioner
40K Chaos cultist
Teddy Fear
Brother Deino
Wild rider
Road closed
Savage Orc boss
Brother of Light
Grimm Burlocksson
Dwarf miner duo
Bragg the Gutsman
Orc bust
Pacification diorama
Ork warboss and suite

Conversion projects:

Asian ogre
Mad Max Ogryn
40k Chaos champion quartet

Sculpture projects:

Mage troll
Femina Mechanica
Cpl. Bob
Rat Bust
Troll bust
Apocalyptica Futura

Articles to be written:

Rainbow dust
Greenskin skin
Sculpting a mohawk
Freehand 101
planning a simple conversion
PA airbrush review
Scale 75 paints review
Andrea skin box set review