Monday, 14 November 2016

Life is change, apparently...

Greetings one and all!

For some time now I have unfortunately left this blog a little bit by the wayside.
This was not due to a lack of activity in the Studio, I have been sculpting quite madly. However experience of the last year has decreed that it is necessary for me to change my methods so here we go!...

One of the biggest issues has been my recent move to Brussels. Now that I am just about seeing how this country works (somewhat miraculously it appears...), I am back on track for a series of great little projects!

In keeping with the feeling of renewal: I have started a new website:

This new site will be dedicated to mainly showcase my works, projects, and to be more efficient in dealing with commission enquiries. I still have to discover and decide exactly how much "other" content I add to this new website, but one thing is for certain there will feature the upcoming video tutorials. For some time I have been planning on video tutorials coupled with a patreon "tip jar". After countless setbacks I now have the opportunity to make this a reality, which explains why I will be exclusively working on that front when it comes to communication supports, Youtube is going to be my new best friend...

So in effect: Yes the blog is now comatosed (not dead, it might still be useful in the future) but this is nothing save a full on renewal of my project planning, communication, and overall motivation!

Thank you all for you continued interest and support in these endeavours! I look forward to providing you with more content, of greater quality and a regular pace!