Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A very belated New Year

Well this is long overdue but:

Happy New Year to all!
I have been working on so many things over the past two months, sadly very few involving my dear tiny people...

However there are exciting things making their way towards the pipeline! The 'Shroom Shaman is nearly completed, the Cultist has seriously progressed aaaaaaaand....

"Well who's this big jobs?!"
(yes: I have come to believe that Nurgle followers are the Scots of the 41st millenium...)

Yes!: Tiny People is making the branching out leap of faith and starting to create a stock of Greens* with a mind to near future production!! (oooh I'm excited!) Here you can see the first bust I have ever sculpted, and that I hope to be able to cast in high quality resin. A few details remain to be honed and tweaked, but I'm nearly there!

Thanks for the support despite the silence of the past months! 
Stay tuned! 
More news (and hopefully with greater regularity) will soon be here!

*: master models destined for casting