Wednesday, 25 February 2015

It's time to Nork Dedogg!

"Nork Dedogg / walk the dog"... No? Ok it was a really bad pun..
My humour being beside the point I am happy to present one of my latest pieces in the form of the Imperial Guard (Astra Miliwhatthehell???) ogryn bodyguard Nork Dedogg. 
On a side note I would like to say that the kit he comes in is really interesting for a painter as you can in effect build one standard ogryn, one of these new fangled Bullgryns (that look really cool by the way), and the special ogryn character Nork. 

I'm becoming increasingly a fan of GW plastic kits...

This guy needed a few additions:
- obviously medals for such an illustrious bodyguard, these were simply and quickly modelled out of Greenstuff.
- I reckoned he'd personalise his gear so I added the gothic "N" on the back of his armour, this I did using Greenstuff and Milliput yellow/grey.
- finally I liked the idea of a grateful commissar gifting Nork his hat, so he now has a slightly undersized commissar cap. The main body of the hat was modelled out of Milliput Superwhite and the little details were modelled out of Greeenstuff.

This project was also the opportunity to test a new snow product: Krycell Precision Snow and Snow Wash (for which I will be writing a review because it is well amazing!) I was a bit heavy handed with it here, but I will improve my control of this new stuff :)

Keep on happy painting and spread the love people!