Monday, 25 November 2013

Workshop Update

Okay! It is time for some organising I feel, and this gives me the opportunity to show you what I will be working on in the next few weeks exclusively. One of my major problems, that I share with many hobbyists, is that I start more projects than I finish. So here is the plan: to only work on certain things until completion WITHOUT starting anything new OR taking up old projects in the vain attempt to finish them also.

So I will be exclusively working on the following six projects in this order:

1) "Easy Rider" the ork biker

This piece has a deadline: the 7th of December 2013 for GW Bristols' painting competition on the theme "mounted model".
Here is the current state of play:

Still some sculpting work to be done on the handlebars and around his left hand to finish his glove.

A few final touches underneath the arms to create the rugged edges of the torn leather cut, thus hiding the simple GW "glue on sod this" finish.

"Screaming Bell" is an awesome colour in fact! Also you can see the start of the powdered pigment work used to recreate rust and dust effects.

The use of deep blue to shade the Screaming Bell, also you can see the first use of GWs' new technical "Nihilack Oxide". (More on this technical range in an upcoming product review)

Work on the base has finally started also. As usual I use the same shades on the base as on the model.

An overall view showing the extensive pigment work.

And the same from the other side! 
Still quite a bit to be done but I am beginning to see the general finished effect coming into view...

2) Nurgle WFB champion

This is one old abandoned project I am glad I forgot about until now. I will be able to use my increased understanding of contrast to better enhance this guy. 

Here I have already started re-working the contrast on the stell NMM parts.

Another view showing the contrast work. Also I am enjoying playing with enhancing glazes to give a greater richness and depth to the fleshy parts of the sculpt.

3) Nurgle 40K Champion

Possibly the OLDEST project ever in my experience! I originally started this conversion at least eight years ago, and feeling dissatisfied with it left it to one side. I now return to it with a greater knowledge of scultpure and converting as a whole and look forward to revisiting and finishing my vision of this glorious old-school sculpt. I particularly love that power gauntlet. Seriously WHY did they ever change that element of the nurgle style?

I have already removed certain details I had sculpted years ago in preparation for the changes...
Seriously look at the elegant simplicity and aesthetically pleasing form of that gauntlet!!

There was something on his back... My hobby knife expressed my feelings towards the result achieved at the time...

4) Shroom Shaman

You have all grown to know this guy but here he is with his first few coats of paint 

5) finally for fun: the Scottish Goblin

now this is because you always need something stupid and simple to take your mind off the complicated projects! This one will end up with the tartan of my own clan and maybe, if I can be bothered really, a Squeep (which is a mix of a Squig and a sheep)

There we go that is the plan for the next few weeks! Upcoming articles will include:

- a product review of GWs' latest technical paints
- a "how-to-do: goblin skin"
- the finished "Easy-rider" and an article on the use of dry pigments in miniature painting and basing

Hope this program grabs your interest!
Stay tuned and keep on painting happily!