Sunday, 8 December 2013


The first and only member of the Bristol Ork MC sped away so fast I didn't have time to photograph him properly at the time. All is now returning to normal as he has returned to re-fuel before riding off to Strasbourg's Hobby Store.

I have often said that I changed my painting style quite a lot on this one and nothing could be truer: the technical skills I usual try to aim for were completely by-passed with the goal being to develop a more global feel and ambiance of the piece rather than just lining up proficient techniques.

A few pictures to start I think...:

"I'm on a highway to Hell [dum dum] Highway to Hell!..."

I made an extensive use of dry pigments which basically reduced the need for blendings to a bare minimum: the bulk of the effects being generated by the dust and mud coats created using these dry pigments. I think in light of the overall result that I should have worked the layerings a little more before resorting to the pigments, but you live and learn!

I also used quite a few "magic Juices" of my own composition. I will detail the making of these juices in a short tutorial at some point. Here they were used to enhance rust effects and oily grimy patches at various points on the model ( well all over the model when I think about it actually, just in varying degrees and proportions ).

The various slicks and muddy, grimy, oily, rusty tones were alkl applied using these "Magic Juices"
 Well there we go folks! Til' next time!
[I now have skid marks all over my desk...]

 CMON score