Friday, 21 March 2014

Level Up!

After quite a few requests I am pleased to announce that the Studio now offers a:

Tuition Service !

Whether you want to improve your painting technique, have a conversion project you can't quite see how to turn into a reality, discover new tools and tricks, or if you simply want new insights into your hobby:

then book a session with the studios' painter!*

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

- scenic basing creations
- introduction to airbrush techniques

- showcase painting tuition: take your favourite pieces to the next level!

- sculpture for conversion purposes: create those little details you feel your piece lacks!

- conversions and transformations: learn to create something unique every time!

- colour scheme creation and detailing of colour theory: the better to emphasise your most loved creations!

Whatever level you see yourself at, if you are an individual painter or a gaming / painting club, this is a great opportunity to discover new ways to approach your hobby!

This being first and foremost a hobby for all of us: everything is negotiable, from location to model(s) involved!**

For details and reservations contact the Studio:

* locations available will greatly depend upon the location of our painter/sculptor at the time of booking
** the Studio reserves th right to refuse a project if it deems the conditions necessary cannot be met either by the customer or the Studio itself.