Thursday, 26 June 2014

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind: Alexs' airbrush session 1.1

Well it has been a while and my travels leave me little time at the moment to write anything much other than a very annoying dissertation.
Time for a break and this allows me to bing to you a brief overview of the latest tuition session, involving Alex, airbrushes, and for some reason a baby...

After having invested in an airbrush, Alex wanted to get to grips with this new tool, so I happily obliged! After a few teething troubles, which led to me running back to my lodgings to get my own airbrush kit because his compressor refused to work, we got started!

Alex selected a Rhino troop transporter as a sacrifice to the gods of Aerea Pigmenta (now go and learn some latin: it is good for your soul...). After having undercoated it in white we were ready to begin!

Seeing that I was demonstrating quite a bit I have very few photos from the various stages of the lesson.
But Alex discovered:
- pre-shading
- progressive highlighting (the whole rhino took him about 20 minutes to highlight the whole vehicle...)
- basic airbrush OSL (Object Source Lighting)

Despite being audiovisually aggressed by an otherwise charming baby girl, Alex was able to get through all the airbrushable areas oh his rhino and here are a few pics of the final results!:

There are still areas that could be dealt with using the airbrush, as well as quite a few effects that could be brought in to play, but for a first timer Alex got some really neat and tight work done! Well done Alex!

Keep on happy painting all of you!

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