Sunday, 13 October 2013

Don't do drugs! But paint them...

Mood music!!

My first love in miniatures has always been the greenskins of all denomination. Recently I realised that I have not painted one in AGES! So a quick trip down to my local hobby store and I came back with this guy:

Yes this is GWs' picture (for comparisons' sake)

I love creating little scenes, so this guy is basically going to be a hookah dragging junkie. So here goes with some sneak WIP pics' of this project:

The Shamans' staff was shortened to later be transformed into an american-indian style pipe. You can also see the beginning of the hookah pipe to the left. In the background you can see the armature for the massive mushroom that he will be sitting under.

A better view of the mushroom armature.

I plan to paint this guy as one whole piece on his base. I might however leave the mushroom head off until the end to make access to certain areas easier.

a close-up view of the advancing Hookah pipe.

Also I am looking forward to the delivery of a wonderful tool by PK-Pro: the Tube Tool!! This will come in handy to make the various tubular pipes coming out of the Hookah, and will also be a wonderful addition to my sculpting tool box.

More on this guy coming soon to a computer in front of YOU!