Thursday, 10 October 2013

Little Red Riding Hood


Now that I've found his head I have made progress on "Shadowblade".

I can see you...

The NMM is starting to come in and I'm really loving the cloak! Evil Sunz Scarlet is a lovely shade I feel.
When I get round to the nitty gritty details of the face and expressions I am looking forward to testing the Acid Green Pigments from Forged Monkey. Hopefully this will give him a violent and piercing expression, and the two small green specks of his eyes should make a brilliant contrast to the huge red cape.

For those of you who are wondering the cloak so far:
- base of VGC Necrotic Red (G11) + VAC Acajou (036) respectively 1/3 and 2/3
- highlights at present performed using VGC Necrotic Red (G11) and GW Evil Sunz Scarlet
- shadings using the base colour and mixing in GW Liche Purple

Also these are some of the first pictures taken with my new 70-300 macro lens -> a really nice piece of kit for those who want to get closer to professional photography.

More to come soon!

- VGC = Vallejo Game Color
- VAC = Vallejo Air Color
- GW = Games Workshop

The finished piece HERE!