Thursday, 24 October 2013

Technology at its' worst (also administrations are out to get me...)

Well many apologies for my recent silence. A combination of emergency travels and a computer taking on a life of its' own have combined forces, over the past few days, to ban me from communicating.
However all is returning to normal, thank you googleAdblocker!! So here is a brief article just to get you back up to speed with the unfortunatley small progress over the past few days.

So what was has happened? Well let's start with what I haven't worked on: Shadowblade. A mad dash over the week end took me away from my paint station for five days so he hasn't come on at all... Not to worry he is only due for the 2nd of november and I'm only going to work on him from now on until he is done (fine words but let's see if that really happens...).

These doubts come from the fact that:
a) My toking little junkie shaman is coming on and I'm really impatient to finish the sculpting work so I can get on to the painting.
b) I ransacked a hobby store in my home town and came back with some amazing miniatures that are begging for my attention.
and finally
c) At my local hobby store yesterday the idea emerged to create some Banksy style decorated Ork Killer Kans, and this led on to the creation of the "Grotsy" character and his graffitiying a wrecked tank... Fortunately I have none of the miniatures as yet for this idea but it will have to happen... Or do I? Damn!! I knew I had bought some Killer Kans yesterday... Oh well... Let us see what happens. After all one of the beauties of keeping this a hobby is that I am free to do exactly what I want, when I want and how I want (spoilt child syndrome? Nope: I don't believe it should be this way, but it is.)

Well here are a few pictures of the current progress. Very little details to add for the moment as I am well behind my schedules for practically everything at the moment so I must quickly return to work...

The desktop photo that should have been updated saturday... Now you can see a small "WIP" photo station! Oh: and it's a glorified mess...

I love playing with angles of site and framing in my scenes. Here the construction of a very simple barred window on the base of my "Cultist raid"

The masking of the base and preliminary texture of the walls

A close-up of this preliminary texture. I might not add to it actually as I quite like it as it is. I will see when a base coat is applied how I feel about it...

The Tube Tool has arrived and it is oh so wonderfully simple and effective!

Seriously: a brilliant tool!

Our Hookah is connected! This is going to be epic to paint!!

Right! Now to return to Shadowblade and catch up on time lost...

Also stay posted as in the coming days I feel a small competition coming on with a little prize for the winner!