Wednesday, 16 October 2013

"Kobalt l'Acerbe"

A few requests have come in asking me what is the current cover picture of this blog. Well the quick answer is: "Kobalt", an angry goblin character produced by the much regretted Rackham Miniatures.

I did paint this guy a while ago, however I feel that a few more details are expected of me: sometimes you must pander to the crowd...

Unfortunately I do not have any step-by-step pictures of this guy so I will simply explain the colours and techniques used.

"Who told the armourer to fit all these damn bells???!!'
You could split this sculpt down into five aspects. I will deal with each in turn.

1) Steel NMM

All the areas of steel were based in Codex Grey (GW). It took about five coats to create a homogenous surface, bear in mind that I work with very diluted paints: in this case it was probably 1 part paint for 5 parts of water.
I then shaded using Chaos Black (GW) mixed with varying proportions of Scorched Brown (GW), as I got closer to the deeper areas so did I increase the black contents of the mix until using nearly pure black. These various layers were applied as glazes and wet blended as I progressed.
The highlights were brought up by layering washes of Codex Grey (GW) mixed with Fortress Grey (GW), progressively increasing the Fortress Grey contents. Finally pure Skull White (GW) highlights were placed at the "light points"
A final very heavily diluted glaze of Dark Grey Blue (VMC 904) was applied over the entire steel areas.
Scratch marks were added using a very fine brush (Raphael 8404 6/0) and applying thin white lines.
The rust was created using the same colours as those used for the leather parts. In this case various washes of Scorched Brown (GW), Bestial Brown (GW), Burnt Cadmium Red (VMC 814) and Snakebite Leather (GW) were lavished upon the chosen areas of the piece. I deliberately used the same colours as the leather parts to creat a unity within the overall vision of the piece.

2) Gold NMM

In much the same fashion the gold NMM was created. 
On a base of Bubonic Brown (GW) the shadings were created using the shades that were used for the skin tones. In this case Catachan Green (GW) and Liche Purple (GW) were used in conjunction with increasing proportions of Chaos Black (GW). As always the darkest tones were used in the deepest kinks and recesses of the various elements.
The highlights were simply created by progressively adding Skull White (GW) to the Bubonic Brown base colour until reaching pure white on the smallest edges and angles possible.
A final wash of heavily diluted Liche Purple was applied over all the gold elements. When I say heavily diluted this is close to 1 part paint for 15 parts water.

3) Skin

The base colour is a 50/50 mix of Catachan Green (GW) and Regal Blue (GW). Shading was pushed progressively into the recesses by adding Regal Blue (GW) and Chaos Black (GW) in increasing quantities until reaching a near pure black in the deepest crevasses.
The highlights were performed by first adding a touch of Elf Flesh (GW) to the base colour and then adding Rotting Flesh (GW) to this mix, in increasing quantities until reaching the greatest points of light.
The real fun was glazing the different areas with varying colours to enliven the model. Glazes of heavily diluted Burnt Cadmium Red (VMC 814), Scab Red (GW) and Liche Purple (GW), were applied to the lips, nose, joints and toes of Kobalt. Also around the eyes I used a glaze of pure Regal Blue (GW) to give him a "colder" stare.

4) Leathers

The gloves and neck protection were based in Scorched Brown (GW). The shading was created by adding Regal Blue (GW) and Chaos Black (GW). Highlights were created by first putting a small touch of Burnt Cadmium Red (VMC 814) into the base colour and then progressively adding Elf Flesh (GW) until I reached the desired effect. I should point ot that I did not go all the way to pure Elf Flesh. Finally a glaze of Scorched Brown (GW) with a touch of Regal Blue (GW) was applied to all the leather areas.

5) Beard, teeth and toenails

The teeth and toenails were based in Bleached Bone (GW) with a touch of Scorched Brown (GW). The darker tones were created by adding black, brown and blue to the base colour. Then the highlights were set in by adding Bleached Bone (GW) then Skull White (GW) to the base colour.

The beard was painte using a dark blue/grey base, shaded using black and highlighted ONLY slightly by adding light grey to the base colour.

There you go folks! I'm sorry I did not have the illustrating photos for a step-by-step... BUT!: you will be justly rewarded for your patience around the same time next week!

Until then keep on painting happily!!

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