Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Shadowblade (WIP)

A few hours today spent working on my piece for a local competition. "Shadowblade", as he is apparently known, is one of GWs' latest plastic kits. When I started painting years ago I loathed plastic, really, I wouldn't touch plastic models. I found the details were poorly rendered and the material itself quite uninviting. All has changed thank Heavens! This kit is a real joy: no excessive details, practically no mould lines, a near perfect fit between the pieces and his pose is the final nail in the coffin of financially preserving self-restraint.

I chose to paint the model already on his customised base as a whole. All except for the head as the access to the facial features is quite complicated if the head is assembled prior to painting. I will write a proper tutorial about the painting of this piece when it is finished. For now I will say that the plan is to keep too a very restricted selection of colours. I am also trying a new NMM (Non Mettalic Metals) recipe on this guy so I am very excited to see how it will turn out!

ready for priming
primed and zenithal lighting source is "mapped out"

a few views after the first base layers are applied

 Stay tuned for updates!
(I have just lost his head somewhere... B*****r!...)

The finished piece HERE!