Tuesday, 8 October 2013

the Tiny People scramble onto the Web!

Okay: he's all alone... But there are many coming soon!
"Kobalt" (Rackham)
Welcome all!

After years of passionate painting, and sharing that passion as much as is physically possible, I have made the jump to share my follies and frenzies with the widest of publics: the World! (At least those bits of it that has access to a computer...)

Here you will find Work In Progress (WIP) updates, finished pieces, tutorials and the occasional good deal... I have enjoyed painting and sculpting for the best part of the last twenty years and one of my greatest of pleasures is to share what little I know with those who want to improve themselves - many skilled painters have been kind in that respect to me, so I see this as a way of giving back some of what I was fortunate to benefit from.

Why a blog and not a website? Well for two main reasons: the first is that I paint and sculpt mainly as a hobby and very rarely use it to generate any income that could pay for a website; secondly I have a computer litteracy close to nil so I need to keep it as simple as possible and get quickly back to things I understand better (like paints, brushes, weird putties and bottles of mixtures that would scare most sorcerers...)

I hope you find something to your liking here, or at least of some use...
I must now return to those Tiny People waiting on my desk!

All the best,